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SME sized businesses are the heartbeat of the UK economy, and we are passionate about helping them grow and prosper.  

We are a general insurance sector focussed, finance broking and business planning firm.  We work exclusively with UK based general insurance brokers, MGA's, insurance networks and with those insurers who are committed to third party distribution.

With our sector based approach, we combine 20+ years of finance and general insurance knowledge to give our clients a real edge.  We act as the perfect bridge for you to access the funds you need to execute your business plan on the best possible commercial terms, whilst leaving you free to focus on what you do best.

Our consultancy and planning insights are based on years of working with the industry's best performing firms.  We bring an ‘outside’ perspective to your firm which enables us to (constructively) challenge your thinking and help you identify opportunities, and proactively manage risk.

As an owner-managed business ourselves, we have the empathy needed to understand the unique challenges faced by our clients, and can deliver exceptional service as a lower cost alternative to larger, corporate finance houses.

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gary moore

Gary is the founder of Broker Finance and Planning Ltd.

His career in commercial and corporate banking spans 22 years in both the UK and Australia.  Most recently with the specialist lender - Macquarie Bank (11 years), he funded a significant number of acquisitions and management buy-out's for UK general insurance brokers.

Recognising the UK broker market was consolidating, and that SME sized businesses rarely had sufficient access to advice or the capital to fund their growth and succession plans, he established Broker Finance & Planning Ltd to level the playing field.

Mob: 07652 643 858

email: gary.moore@brokerfinance.uk



Strong business relationships are built upon trust. But without Integrity, trust cant exist. Integrity is the bedrock upon which everything else is built



acquisition and mbo finance

Acquisitions and Management Buy-Out's ('MBO') are typically complex transactions and require specialist knowledge.  Bank's are wary of providing debt against intangible assets, particularly for those who have not completed acquisitions or MBO's before.  

Having structured and funded a significant number of Acquisitions and Management Buy-Out's ('MBO') in the UK general insurance market, we can help you identify and mitigate the risks.  

Working alongside advisers who understand credit risk and lending against dynamic assets gives the lender comfort, and enables you to access the capital needed to fund your growth and succession plans on the best possible terms.



The Banking market is dynamic, and fast changing.  It's no longer the same old faces who recognise the attractiveness of the SME market with new 'challenger banks' and 'non-banks' entering the scene with aggressive lending budgets.   

We can help you lower the cost of existing debt, and access more favourable commercial terms including lower capital repayments, more relaxed covenants, longer loan terms etc.



Thinking of purchasing your current leased premises?  Perhaps you have outgrown your existing premises and have an opportunity to acquire something more fit for purpose.  We can help you access the right loan for your business.

* Commercial property finance only *



They say revenue is vanity, profit is sanity, but cash is reality.  Without the right working capital structure in place, the business won't thrive.

With years of experience in cashflow lending, we will work alongside your accountants to help you access the right level of working capital finance.

business planning

A carefully considered plan helps you to make more purposeful decisions in business, and ultimately provides a path to follow to achieve better outcomes.  

Business Plans are prepared for a variety of purposes.  They can be used to facilitate marketing and growth, it may be to set long term goals and outline the eventual succession plan, or, it may be used to raise capital.  Whatever the reason, we can either review, or help prepare a Business Plan which helps you achieve your objectives. 



Why benchmark?

Well, at the risk of stating the obvious, the importance of benchmarking in business can be summarised in two points:

  1. the financial well being of a shareholder is driven by profitability.  The more profitable a firm, the better the financial reward during the period in which you own your equity
  2. at the time of sale, the value of a general insurance broking business is typically driven by a multiple of either revenue, profit, or more commonly - both.  The higher the profit, the higher the multiple and actual quantum of 'cash-out' value at the point of exit

With that in mind, it makes strong strategic sense for brokers to focus on top, and bottom line growth whilst you are still able to influence the outcome.

Benchmarking enables you to understand where your business sits relative to your peer group, and identify opportunities for profitable growth.  Having worked with hundred's of broking firms, we have first hand insight as to what is achievable, and how.



Sometimes, banks and businesses just fall out of love.  It can be due to a change in Relati0nship Manager (or in many cases, multiple changes of Relationship Manager), a general change in sector appetite of the Bank, the Bank not understanding your business or being unsupportive of an important growth opportunity.  Perhaps its because of a change in the performance of your own business?  Whatever the reason, if your relationship with the bank has changed, it can be helpful to engage an adviser to help with the process of improving the relationship, or facilitating the change needed.  We can help you plan your next move, and attend meetings with you.  Having someone with banking knowledge representing you is sometimes all it takes to get things back on track.



In small to medium sized businesses, we tend to see one of two situations:

  1. a single shareholder who makes all the decisions
  2. a partnership of people who have worked together for many years, and know each other intimately

The single shareholder tends to be CEO, head of business development, IT, marketing, compliance, operations etc.  Decision making is heavily influenced by their own values.  Available time is a major constraint, but so to is diversity of thought.  Risks can be overlooked, as well as opportunities.

In a larger firm with multiple partners, we typically see people with very similar backgrounds.  This includes age profile, gender, cultural and most commonly - technical backgrounds.  

We offer an 'external' viewpoint on boardroom matters, and approach strategy through a different (financial) lens.  

The value in external advice is based on the independence of the advisor.  With no equity in your business, you can rest assured that our insights are not self-serving.  Everything we do at Broker Finance & Planning Ltd is with our clients best interest in mind.  





One of the things that sets us apart from others is the way we work with our clients.  We know there will be businesses who have an immediate opportunity or need to work together for a particular project - whether that is facilitating a refinancing exercise, or funding an MBO etc.  These projects are more 'one-off' in nature, and we can accommodate that.  Equally, we have clients who would prefer to work with us on a more 'ongoing' basis to work together on longer term objectives.

We offer our clients the choice of how they would like to engage us.

We aim to provide the highest levels of service and best financial outcomes as a cost effective alternate to corporate finance houses - our proposition is based on being the best possible value for money.

retained clients

We offer clients who seek a longer term working relationship access to our services on a fixed monthly fee arrangement.  Retained clients benefit from priority of our time over transactional clients, and have the certainty of cost.  If, our retained clients engage us on a more time consuming project which can't be covered by the fixed monthly retainer fee, any additional costs will be agreed upfront, and provided at a discount to our normal 'transactional' charge-out rates.

transactional clients


For those 'one-off' transactions, we are pleased to offer our clients a cost effective fee structure.  We will work with you to understand the scope of work, and agree an upfront, fixed fee. We will invoice at agreed intervals, typically when we successfully reach agreed project milestones.  


We take our regulatory responsibility seriously, and are committed to abiding by the highest possible ethical standards in conducting our business.  As such, we will only accept business and effect introductions of customers who are limited companies, limited liability partnerships and other bodies corporate, and other partnerships with four or more partners.  

Except in relation to investment property loans in circumstances where the loans are wholly for the purposes of businesses carried by the borrowers (and where the land is not to be used as or in connection with dwellings by the borrowers or related persons): 

  • we will not accept business from:
    • individuals
    • sole traders
    • partnerships of three or fewer partners
    • an unincorporated body
  • we will not refer any such person or entity to another broker

Please be advised we will decline to assist any person or entity listed above.  




Dealing with Broker Finance and Planning is easy.  We will always offer to 'come to you' and as such, we are never further away than your own boardroom.

However should you wish to visit us, we are conveniently located in Hertfordshire near the junction of the M1 and M25.

You can reach Gary on 07562 643 858 or by email gary.moore@brokerfinance.uk



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